Visa Debit Card

Free, Easy to Use, Safe

If you prefer not to keep cash on hand and aren’t one to carry a checkbook, then a Rawlins National Bank debit card is for you! A Rawlins National Bank debit card allows you to pay for purchases right out of your account, anywhere Visa is accepted.   A Rawlins National Bank debit card may also be used at any ATM located in the USA *.

Big Security with a Small Chip

All Rawlins National Bank card have EMV chips that are designed to better protect you from fraud. EMV cards carry security credentials that help prevent skimming and cloning. If a terminal is chip-enabled, it will read the magnetic strip and instruct you to insert the chip card into the terminal. (Click here for more information about EMV technology.)

Security Features

Consider these benefits of using your Rawlins National Bank visa debit card:

  • Rawlins National Bank fraud detection service identifies and notifies you of potential fraud on your debit card for security
  • You can get your card replaced if lost or stolen
  • Your card is protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy (Please refer to your Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure Statement for further details on this policy)
  • EMV chip-enabled technology has greater security

Your identity is protected and confirmed with your personal password each time you make a purchase at a participating merchant site when you use your debit card.

Travel Tips

Did you know that when traveling out-of-state or to a foreign country, your Rawlins National Bank debit card could be denied for security purposes.

If you plan to use your Rawlins National Bank debit card when you travel out-of-state or to a foreign country, please contact Rawlins National Bank at least 24 hours prior to your departure with your travel dates and destination(s).

If you provide this information in advance, usage restrictions of your account can be lifted during the specified time frame in the designated location(s).

Change your PIN?

Call (800)-567-3451 – with this option, you can change your pin after you answer a few security questions.

Lost or Stolen Card?

Contact us right away:
(800)-788-9479 during business hours
(800)-472-3272 available 24 hours

ATM Locations:  Wyoming and Colorado

*Using non-Rawlins National Bank ATM’s may result in charges.

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Current Rates

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Lost or Stolen Cards?

If your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately at 800-554-8969 to receive immediate assistance.

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