Verified by Visa

What it is and How it Works

Verified by Visa protects your existing Visa card for free with a password you create, giving you assurance that only you can use your Visa card online. It is safe and easy to activate your card and create your personal password.

How it works – activating your card

As a customer of The RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank you will be allowed to make 2 purchases with your Visa card before you are required, for your protection, to activate your card. Activation is safe and easy, simply activate your card and create your personal password while you shop.

Activate your card during shopping

Your card is automatically recognized

Once your card is activated, your card number will be recognized whenever you purchase at participating online stores. You’ll enter your password in the Verified by Visa window, your identity will be verified, and the transaction will be completed. In stores that are not yet participating in Verified by Visa, your Visa card will continue to work as usual.

For more information call our Customer Service Representatives at 307-324-1100 or 1-800-788-9479, or you can visit Visa’s website at