Interior of the Rawlins National Bank circa 1899

In 1899, a group of individuals living in what was still the Wild West, had a vision. As the area they had settled was growing in commercial activity, they saw the need for a solid financial institution to support that economic growth into the future. The Rawlins National Bank was chartered at the turn of the 20th century and is still providing community financial support today. That forward looking attitude has never left us and we take great pride in the fact that we have been serving our customers for over 100 years!

The bank, which was started in Rawlins, Wyoming in 1899, has grown to include south central Wyoming, with branches in the communities of Saratoga and Hanna, Wyoming. From there, and with an eye to the future, RNB expanded into the diversified markets of the Colorado Front Range. RNB also has a full service branch in Longmont, CO and a Loan Production Office in Lakewood, CO. Our diverse market area has allowed us to take advantage of the many different opportunities which arise over our geographic footprint. From Wyoming ranches to metro Denver real estate; car loans to apartment buildings, our experienced staff can tailor any loan to meet your needs.

We have a solid history of adapting to the ever changing banking industry, seeking out new opportunities and new markets in which to provide our customers the financial tools they need for today’s more complex world. Our small size and knowledgeable staff allows us to be flexible and creative in finding ways to best serve you.

We are looking forward to the next 100 years and invite you to come along with us. Our vision remains the same….we endeavor to provide our customers with modern financial products and tools, combined with old fashioned service.


The Presidents of The Rawlins National Bank

1900-1912: I.C. Miller

1912-1913: John E. Osborne

1913-1923: Wm. Daley

1923-1926: John E. Osborne

1926-1938: N.R. Greenfield

1938-1944: Homer A. France

1944-1947: E.A. Durrant

1947-1978: John France

1978-1984: Sherrod France

1984-1986: Marvin E Owens III

1986-1988: Ron Davis

1988-1993: Thomas Wagenknecht

1993-2015: Richard Chenoweth

2015 – Present: Bruce Hellbaum



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