Direct Deposit

What is Direct Deposit?

With Direct Deposit, your Social Security or Supplemental Security Income payments are sent directly to your bank account. Payments are sent electronically, which eliminates the need to print and mail checks. Your money is in your account and available to you at the opening of business on the payment date.

How Do You Sign Up?

Just contact your financial institution or Social Security. Please be sure to have your bank statement or personal check handy, as well as your Social Security number. Your bank or Social Security representative will need information from these documents to start you on Direct Deposit.

What Happens Then?

Within 30 to 60 days, your payments will start going directly into your account. We will send you a letter to tell you when your Direct Deposit payments will begin. It is that easy!

Why Should You Use Direct Deposit?

Social Security makes its payments by Direct Deposit because they want you to have your money safely and on time. We have been making payments by Direct Deposit since 1976, and these years of experience have shown that payments by Direct Deposit are much safer and more reliable than payments by check.

In addition, Direct Deposit saves Social Security money because there are virtually no lost, stolen, or misplaced payments to track down and replace. And, it saves 40 cents in printing and mailing costs every time a payment goes by Direct Deposit instead of by check. This money remains in the Social Security Trust Fund and is available for future payments.

What If You Do Not Have a Bank Account?

If you do not have a bank account, you might want to consider opening one now, so that you do not miss out on the advantages of Direct Deposit.

Some Financial Institutions

May give you free checking or savings account when you use Direct Deposit. Some may pay you interest on your account. Be sure to compare the services in your area. Today, Direct Deposit is the way Social Security makes payments to people with bank accounts. The Government’s goal is to make most payments by Direct Deposit or other electronic methods.


It is still important to notify your local Social Security Office of an address change so that you will receive important information about your payments. Your benefits could be stopped temporarily if Social Security cannot locate you because you have not reported a change of address.

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